9 Recommendations for The Next Craigslist Apartment Hunt

9 Recommendations for The Next Craigslist Apartment Hunt

For some, Craigslist is just a utopian online wonderland, where individuals easily communicate and share things they need or require. To other people, it is a creepy website frequented by scammers and murderers. In either case, it is here and you simply may need to make use of it.

Looking for a condo is not a task that is easy and the ones trying to make a quick deal will frequently look to Craigslist. Thousands of people post apartment listings daily, therefore it’s a source that is plentiful people who require roommates or brand brand brand brand new renters straight away.

As with any internet web sites, Craigslist must certanly be addressed with care. Listed here are nine means you’ll navigate apartment listings smartly on the webpage.

1. No Cash, No Issues

It really is a easy guideline, however it bears saying: never ever offer cash to a stranger online. Scammers operate rampant on Craigslist, publishing a myriad of various advertisements people that are asking wire cash to be able to “secure” an apartment. Read more