Everything you need to learn about post-sex anxiety

Everything you need to learn about post-sex anxiety

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Roughly 4 moments shortly after a climax, in the best blissful post-sex haze, our brain began to ponder.

We recalled the way I experiencedn’t observed the pet it everyday lives in the road, Bernie, for some time.

Let’s say he’d become struck by just a motor vehicle? Let’s say that he had been dead?

Hold Off. I experiencedn’t known starting my buddy for a time both. Is that he dead? My buddies, my children, everyone else at the job – had been all of them exclusively dead?

Shortly I happened to be hyperventilating entering my personal boyfriend’s upper body.

That’s anytime we detected the pattern.

Crying once intercourse is not unusual for me personally. Nor actually abrupt sense of overwhelming panic plus fear.

I’ve anxiousness, depression, to obsessional ideas, therefore instantly stressing in which every person i enjoy try dead was very ordinary – then again I’d pointed out that such thoughts had been showing up more often soon after intercourse.

I’d like to get evident. I’m speaking about really intercourse. Ideal sex, really. Absolutely Nothing terrible or perhaps even distressing inside in whatever way.

I’d heard about post-sex blues, but never ever post-sex anxiety. I desired to learn assuming I happened to be only inside sensation, either there is really a web link, or perhaps provided my own post-sex anxiety is obviously hiding deep-rooted injury associated with sex – and so I chatted up to a psychologist to discover.

Yup, post-sex anxiousness is just a option

So that, post-sex anxiousness boils down inside couple suggestions – both it is down seriously to genuine sexual-related anxieties, or perhaps it is your hormone a reaction to sex that is having. In any event, it is completely you’re and real certainly not imagining the text.

‘Experiencing most anxiousness in terms of intercourse is quite typical, ’ Doctor Michael Yates, medical psychologist in the Havelock center, shows Metro.co.uk. Read more