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The very idea of a shark terrorizing the waters isn’t new. Steven Speilberg famously found fame in the 70s by creating Jaws. Jaws might be a little old now, but he was once a proud part of Universal’s lineage . He took to the waters of Amity Island and began devouring the tourists that would visit. Apparently announced months back, Tripwire has been pretty quiet about this Jaws-like experience. According to information from the publisher, Maneater is an action RPG set in the waters of the Gulf Coast.

  • It is rated as 12+ and available on both Google as well as Play Store.
  • The controls of the game are through only virtual joystick on any part on the screen.
  • So the key technique of the game is not to act too fast.
  • You can simply copy any model, in case you want to repeat that.

Experience life as a shark and eat everything that gets in your way. Guide for Hungry Shark is the best way to become a Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution expert. Watch videos and chat with the best Hungry Shark players including Master Ov, The Gaming Beaver, ArcadeGo, Lonniedos, and more. Learn the latest cheats, hacks, and strategies so you can be come the ultimate Hungry Shark player.

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Your team can battle aliens, put our fires, and dance to pass the time. This VR version of table tennis supports multiplayer, single-player, and arcade modes. The developers focus on realism and the game’s physics apk hungry shark engine to deliver a crisp and motion-realistic experience. You can play old-fashion pixel-style games within VR in this title.

Lose it all, either from lack of food or being attacked, and it’s game over. Your Gold Rush move charges up as you collect coins, and lets you use unlimited boost for a short time when it activates. There’s plenty to do, challenges to complete, and the game is simple enough to play that pretty much anyone could pick it up and have a crack at being a shark. Now Future Games of London, the company that brought you the original Hungry Shark, has released Hungry Shark Evolution, a complete revisioning of the undersea world.

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