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I don’t believe that contacts has worn out, because restoring 10.11.3 from timemachine has miracle turned my keyboard to back in life, without removing and plugged back the usb socket. And 10.11.4 gived some error in konsole screen when plugged the keyboard on and off from USB port. I did find that plugging the keyboard into a USB hub gets it working again.

How to Check RAM for Errors in Windows

If the task manager does not come up, then you might have a malware problem. As crazy as it sounds, it’s possible that your keyboard could be infected with a virus.

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In windows 10, right click on your start menu and select settings. There is also a possibility that your Windows key is disabled within the Windows OS registry editor itself, hence Windows is not able to accept a request by this key. This could have been done by some software, game, or malware. This problem is related to either your PC settings including the software you have installed, or it could be tied to your keyboard itself. Your best bet is to try another keyboard if you have one. If the problem disappears that suggests you have a suspect key on the original keyboard. If the problem doesn’t go away you can assume it’s a Windows problem.

If this still doesn’t work, check the led lights on the keyboard; are any of them on? You may need to restart it at this point to refresh your computer memory and resources to get it back to normal speed, or perhaps it needs maintenance by running disk cleanup and disk defragmenter. If you notice that your keyboard stopped working after starting or rebooting your computer, check the keyboard connection and make sure is properly seated. My keyboard was fine last night turned my laptop on today not one key working. Thank god i could get to the on sceen keyboard so i could at least log in. I have restored laptop to previous time when working but this made no difference to non working keyboard. Drag your mouse to the right edge of your Windows 8 PC and click settings.

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I would try to check and make sure it’s secure or look into your Laptop’s documentation for proper keyboard installation. I read in an article that I needed to do a soft reset by holding the power and volume buttons until my Surface Pro 3 shuts off, and when I turn it back on, all of the drivers reset. Hmm, someone more knowledgeable may know why there’s two on my SP3 running win 10 there’s HID keyboard and Surface type cover filter device but I’m running a SP4 typecover now. For some reason, when I press Fn+F1 or Fn+F2, I can turn on/off the keyboard lights just fine. But I can’t do anything else at all with the keyboard, not even Fn+any other key.

  • Once the memory gets faulty you may encounter some common errors like unexpected kernel mode trap error, memory management error 0x a, etc.
  • RAM is one of the most important components of your computer that allows data to be read and written.
  • An excellent memory will provide fast read and write access to your storage devices.

I might try rolling back the USB kext to the previous version. Now keyboard work’s fine, but lost 1 day and windows10/bootcamp partition in process. With old 10.11 usb installer, because keyboard didn’t work at boot time, and restoring Time Machine backup when booted from 10.11.4 recovery partition broke my fusion drive partition tables. Seems that Apple had broken the old wired usb apple keyboard on OS X 10.11.4. You may have touched a small toggle button on the right side of the keyboard DirectX. If your wireless keyboard stopped working for any reason, make sure that the USB receiver has no interference blocking the signal to the keyboard. If your USB Keyboard stopped working, you can try to disconnect it and connect it back on the fly.

If it’s the UN40EH5000FXZA, then it doesn’t have Smart Hub. So adding a keyboard doesn’t allow you to control anything because there’s nothing to control. Now this is assuming that the model number you reported just needed a 0 added to it. Depending on the model of the USB HID keyboard and mouse may not be compatible with your TV.