Adding the camera to the your network

Adding the camera to your Smart device / phone

Setup BW Camera to use wifi

Linking BWsmart camera with wireless sensor

What are the Smart device apps?

Use the following QR codes to install the app on your smart device

Apple QR

Android QR

Apps for Windows PC

Click here to download

How to change the name on your camera?

name1 name2

How to set up date and time on your camera?

main-page datetime1 datetime2

How to configure alarm and email settings?

Configuring alarm

main-page alarm1 alarm2

Configuring email

Tap on Alarm settings, then alarm email to access email configuration to add or delete email addresses for alerts.

  1. Select manual setting, then enter the email address of the recipient, put a ‘comma’ between each email addresses, no need for space.
  2. Copy the following settings from the pictures: Sender, Smtp Address, Port, and Password is Callum00(zero, zero) and select TLS for security and then click save.


How to format a TF/SD card for recording?

sdcard sdcard1 sdcard2

How to setup recording on memory card?

This will only work if you have installed a TF/SD card on your camera.

record1 record2

How to retrieve video recordings?

recording1 recording2 recording3

What about Refunds?

Why would you want a refund? Not good from an economical point of view…

How to preset 5 camera positions?